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Wharfedale launches its first line of Bluetooth speakers and wireless earphones

Founded in 1932 from the United Kingdom, Wharfedale is an internationally renowned brand of loudspeakers.It has diversified its offerings in 2018 and it launches its first line of Bluetooth speakers and wireless earphones with TWS-True Wireless Stereo connection function.

Thanks to IAG group Ltd - the parent company of Wharfedale which acquired Wharfedale in 1997 making an unparalleled effort we are able to address even the most challenging tasks. Wharfedale is very proud to be part of the iAG group Ltd.

IAG group Ltd is now one of the world's largest manufacturers of audio electronics with its production center covers over 400,000 square meters and a strong R&D team. With nearly a century of experience in the audio industry, IAG is poised to serve your needs. High-quality products and competitive pricing are built into every piece of Bluetooth speaker, and a team of engineers, designers and innovators are equipped to meet your requirement.

  • Shenzhen Baoan district culture creation industry 50 companies
  • The national high and new technology enterprise
  • Exemplary enterprise for industrial transformation and upgrading in Guangdong
  • The permanent member of council of the 9th China audio industry association
  • Shenzhen Baoan district culture creation industry export 10 companies
  • VIP member of Shenzhen Hi-tech industry association

Wharfedale Brand History

Wharfedale brand history - since 1932. Trace the origins of our company and discover our rich heritage. We have grown over the decades, and our commitment to high-quality audio products for the global market is stronger than ever.

  • Wharfedale - a British brand, was created in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs and was first used as a brand for loudspeakers. In the same year Wharfedale wireless work was established for high-fidelity reproduction. Wharfedale has stood for the most famous brand in British loud speaker since then,
  • In 1997 Wharfedale was acquired by the International Audio Group( known as IAG Group Ltd). Next year, Wharfedale Pro was born for the professional market.
  • In 2018 Wharfedale extends its product offering to include a collection of wireless Bluetooth speaker. British heritage has always been heavy influences behind this collection in keep with high-quality principles.

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